Eve Mattress Review 2018

Eve Mattress Review 2018

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Eve Foam Rolled Mattresses

Summary of the Eve Mattress Review


Just How Good Is the Eve Mattress?


The Eve Mattress design has recently been improved, in particular, the foam quality and overall construction has been upgraded, leading to a much more comfortable mattress.


This is a memory foam mattress, with a little more bounce and firmness than average mattresses, and performs well in terms of cooling.  The Eve Mattress should be a good fit for people who –


  1. Are looking for a medium firmness memory foam mattress,
  1. Want less sinkage in their mattress and like a little more pushback and bounce, providing more of a body contour support,
  1. Like a cool mattress, with a thin, flat cover.


Weaknesses of the Eve Mattress


The main complaints about the Eve memory foam mattress would be the new car smell when it arrives, (that quickly dissipates) and the price.  And finally, if you don’t like a firm memory foam bed then this would not be a choice for you.  In terms of the price, we feel that you usually get what you pay for, and it’s not a great idea to shirk on quality on something that you’re going to be sleeping on every night, for who knows how many years.


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